Stream Monitoring Users

If you don't want to use full feature of Owiza, we provide you a service to monitor your stream, get information about total number of clients connected to this stream, and to be notified by SMS and Email once the stream is down
click here to go to SignUp for stream page
this is the form of registration page


1- and 2- is the Username and the Password you will use to login to Oiwza
note: be careful the password is case sensitive
3- The Email you'll receive the notification on once the stream is down
4- The mobile number you'll receive the SMS on once the stream is down
5- The Domain or public IP address that the stream is on
6- and 7- the user name and the password you enter to get access to admin pages on your Wowza Server
note: leave it empty if you don't have authentication //username password
7- The name of the stream you want to monitor

Adding a Stream

in the home page, press on Add New Stream it will take you to the Add Stream Page where you'll be asked to enter information about the new Stream, then choose the plan you want, then press choose plan
now you have a new stream added to your list of streams

choose stream to view info about

in the home page, there is a drop down list when you press on it, it will show you a list of your streams, just choose a stream and the page will refresh and show you information about the stream you choose