Owiza Application Admin

It is the best solution for streaming media hosting provider, You can create an application, define the max number of connection to this application, and assign it to one Admin without giving the application admin the ability to change the max number of connection to his application. so you can rent an application and give the client ability to monitor and control his application throw Owiza.

My Application Admins

1- View application admins

From the left menu, choose Profile -> My Application Admins, it will take you to Admins Page. at the first there will be no admins, so you have to create them.

2- Create application admin

Write down the AdminName, the AdminPassword, and the Admin Email, then click create. these Username and Password the admin will use them later to login to Owiza

3- Delete application admin

choose the admin you want to delete then click on delete, it will ask you to confirm the deletion, if you click yes, the admin will be deleted.

Setting Application Admin

Click in the Admin button that in the tools panel of the application you want to set the admin for, it will take you to the set admin page, where you'll se a list of your admins, there is a select button in the right of each admin, select the admin you want and click select.