Manage your server efficiently
With Owiza you can manage and monitor your Wowza Media Server easily with simple GUI, provided you various features can be applied to your server down to single stream level, obviates you the need for using SSH or JMX
Monitor just single stream
If you don’t want to use full feature of Owiza, we provide you a service to monitor your stream, get information about total number of clients connected to this stream, and to be notified by SMS and Email once the stream is down
Owiza Application Admin
You can create an application, define the max number of connection to this application, and assign it to one Admin, so if you are a streaming company, now you can rent an application and give the client ability to monitor and control his application throw Owiza
Owiza Charts
Owiza provides various of charts with accurate information about connections, bandwidth, traffic, top application, duration and geo-location in a variety of ways, divided to real time and period charts, where you choose the period with easy to use GUI
Owiza Server Control Panel
Now with Owiza the complete wowza server statistics and control panel, you could manage and control: Vhosts, applications or app instances via the web with just a few clicks in your favorite web browser.Create, change or delete your applications, instances and streams. Easily control your existing streams. all these with Owiza control panel. you dont need SSH or JMX.
Wowza Media Server 3 delivers exceptional live and on-demand streaming performance and makes hard to implement features such as live adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming and time-shifted live playback simple and cost-effective. With Wowza Media Server 3, organizations of any size can profit from these high-value features while offering their viewers the best possible experience — when and where they want it.
OWIZA: web-based control and statistics panel for Wowza 2 and Wowza 3
It is the answer to any Wowza Media Server developer’s or administrator’s problem of how to see what your Wowza Media Server is doing at any one time and manage it or use the new multi-server monitoring view to monitor more than one at the same time> We created Owiza to meet our needs to be able to see what is going with our applications and servers publishing and playing all types of streams, the connections and shared objects. The current tools that exist to monitor Wowza Media Server didn't meet our needs and we decided to build an application that would.